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Hi there!

As I'm writing this, I can only imagine disappointed faces, so please let me explain: I recently had a talk with the dean who said she wants me to pass my final exams this year (November), so my year has become VERY cramped in no time, leaving me to tour this country like a rock star to attend missing classes. The time I spend in this city, I'll do further training to involve physiotherapy dedicated to dogs and cats after I manage to pass the final exams. After Minnie's and Lumi's cases, I found this to be a vital part of the job. I'm still a little unsure whether or not to include horses in the training. It's not that I'm not aware they need physiotherapy in a while, too, but it's a financial and time matter. Also usually you only choose one: either small animals or horses.

There's also a chance that I will get the damn driving license during holidays (two weeks to do so, it will be hard for sure). So much for the weekends, thus updates will likely only take place on weekdays this year and likely won't feature as many doujinshi as I'd like it to be. However, at least I'll try to keep it up with one update each month, like this one...




With all the things, good and bad, happening around ourselves, it's hard to stay focused on the things that determine who we are and will be. People get caught in hatred, grief, or greed. It's human to feel, no, rather it's a sign of being alive, so I'm far from blaming anyone who is caught in any feelings at all. Life goes on, this is an undeniable fact, so even if your feelings may be overwhelming you now, it's nothing to be ashamed of. They are part of living. Just notice that everything's taking a toll on you, especially strong feelings will leave you exhausted and eventually unhappy. All those words aren't new to you or anybody, I'm sure. This world is a cruel, but also very beautiful place after all.



Eren, his friends and comrades have been reborn, but apart from Eren, nobody seems to remember their previous lives. Yet or precisely because of that, Levi, who is now working at Eren's university, is closer to him than he ever was.


Click here to download this doujinshi now.




That's all for now! If you're wondering about the next update... Well, my time table looks very much like this right now:

  • 4th March, 2018: "First Aid"
  • 18th March, 2018: "Palpation, gait analysis, biomechanics (horse)"
  • 1st April, 2018: "X-Ray diagnostics"
  • 14th April, 2018: "Physiotherapy class"
  • 15th April, 2018: "Physiotherapy class"
  • 5th May, 2018: "Physiotherapy class"
  • 6th May, 2018: "Physiotherapy class"
  • 2nd June, 2018: "Legal professional knowledge, practice management, working with authorities"
  • 9th June, 2018: "Physiotherapy class"
  • 10th June, 2018: "Physiotherapy class"
  • 17th June, 2018: "Musculoskeletal system, degenerative diseases"
  • 7th July, 2018: "Physiotherapy class"
  • 8th July, 2018: "Physiotherapy class"
  • 15th July, 2018: "Internship"
  • 28th July, 2018: "Physiotherapy class"
  • 29th July, 2018: "Physiotherapy class"
  • 5th August, 2018: "Internship"
  • 11th August, 2018: "Canine and feline eye diseases - workshop"
  • 22nd September, 2018: "Physiotherapy class"
  • 23rd September, 2018: "Physiotherapy class"
  • 6th October, 2018: "Making ointments, oils and tinctures for animals"
  • 14th October, 2018: "Leech therapy"
  • 20th October, 2018: "Physiotherapy class"
  • 21st October, 2018: "Physiotherapy class"
  • 26th October - 9th November, 2018: "Driving license"
  • 17th November, 2018: "Final exam part 1: Multiple Choice test" (9.30 - 11 o'clock)
  • 17th November, 2018: "Physiotherapy class" (11 - 17 o'clock)
  • 18th November, 2018: "Physiotherapy class"
  • 8th December, 2018: "Physiotherapy class"
  • 9th December, 2018: "Physiotherapy class"


Looks relaxed? Well, let me tell you: Between these days I have to learn and manage to write the second part of the final exam (one part is multiple choice, one is a written exam based on a case example, and the last part is an oral test), not to mention that since those classes are often located rather far from here, I've usually got to stay there for three days (arrival, class, departure). In other words: I simply don't know when the next update will be. Probably at the end of the month...


See you then!


~ Meian


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