Q: When will the next update be?
A: There are no fixed dates, the only thing you can believe in is at least one monthly update.
Other than that I recommend you to look at the progress the future projects have made so far or sign up for the newsletter to always be up to date.
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Q: Why a monthly update?
A: I decided to do at least one monthly update when I still was the only translator.
Many doujinshi have approximately 30 pages, so I told myself if I could translate one page a day, despite how awful the day was or will be, I can release one doujinshi a month.
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Q: How do I find doujinshi?
A: There are several possibilities you might want to try.
1) If you're looking for a specific doujinshi or doujinshi by certain doujinka / circles only, you'll want to use the search engine that you can find at the top right side of the site. Just type in what you're looking for (please always watch out for typos) and press 'Search'.
2) If you're looking for doujinshi for a certain series, you want to go through the list here: Click here for a list of the available series. There, click on the series you want to see or download doujinshi from. You'll see thumbnails of the doujinshi scanlations that have been released so far (hovering your mouse on the thumbnails will cause tooltips to show up which tell you the name of the doujinshi and show you the full cover). Click on the thumbnails to get to the doujinshi page. Once there you are given information on the doujinshi, as well as the options to view it online (do so by clicking on the 'View this doujinshi online now!' button) or to download it (download links are listed beneath the word 'Download').
3) Newly released scanlations are also listed at the right side of the site, beneath the Navigation box. Clicking on the cover or the title of a newly released scanlation will also lead you to the doujinshi page.
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Q: How do I view a doujinshi?
A: Just click on the button that reads "View this doujinshi online now!" when you want to read a doujinshi online.
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Q: When will you release (doujinshi name here)?
A: This usually depends on the votes. I'm focusing on a doujinshi according to the votes in order to release it early.
If there's some free time, I will also work on another one, of course. And, who knows, this might be the one you're looking forward to.
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Q: Is there a sequel to (doujinshi name here)?
A: Doujinka often write "to be continued..." to maintain the option of continuing a certain story. However, it doesn't always mean that there really is a sequel to a certain story.
You can have a look at the circle's websites (if there's no direct list of their releases, you may try their gallery and check the covers), that's the best thing you can do here.
Another possibility, if you know how to write the names in Japanese, is to google the doujinshi. You can find many doujinshi on yahoo auctions. If there's a sequel to a doujinshi, there's a high chance that you can find it there.
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Q: Will you translate a certain doujinshi for me?
A: It depends on the quality the doujinshi is scanned at, whether it's typed on a computer or it's handwritten, and who scanned it. I want to know that the scanner approves of this. The best thing you can do about the quality is to send me an example of how the doujinshi looks like by email.
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Q: Can I translate your doujinshi into another language?
A: Yes, of course. But don't remove the credits.
Please fill in this form and tell me your website address so I can tell people about your site.
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Q: Which doujinshi will be translated next?
A: This depends on which circle will win the current vote. To see which doujinshi you're voting for you may go here.
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Q: May I vote multiple times?
A: No, this is no longer possible. You may vote only once on each vote so choose carefully which circle you want to see next.
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Q: Would you add another fandom?
A: Yes, but keep some things in mind: You, a team member or I need to own doujinshi of that series. I won't search the net any longer to find good scans of a doujinshi of a series I'm not familiar with, and negotiate things with the scanner. Nor, I will stress this part especially, will I accept scans of unknown sources. I always need the scanner's approval.
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Q: I can't reach the site. What's wrong?
A: I can't give a general answer to this. However, I recommened you to sign up for the newsletter. This way you'll get to know when the site's back online and I'll also explain the problem. Other than this you might have a look at Utopia's Livejournal.
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Q: How do I open a zip or rar file?
A: The best way to do so is to use the program I used to zip/rar the doujinshi. I use WinRar to compress doujinshi. It's shareware so the program can be used absolutely free of charge for 40 days (after this you'll see a screen each time you open a zip or rar file, but you can still use it to extract a compressed file or create one).
You can find WinRar here: http://www.win-rar.com/download.html
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Q: How can I help?
A: Well first off, you can apply for a job. You can either be a scanner, cleaner, translator, editor, or proofreader. These jobs mostly depend on your skills.

* If you have a scanner and some doujinshi that aren't on the list yet, you could apply for being a scanner.
* If you have good knowledge of an image program (Photoshop, GIMP, whatever) you could apply for being a cleaner and/or editor.
* If you have a good command of English, you might apply for being a proofreader or if you have a good command of Japanese, you might apply for being a translator.

Important!: Please read the rules before you apply for any job because you might have to take a test.

There are, of course, other possibilities to help the team/site.

You could donate a small amount (if you have PayPal), upload scanlations to streaming websites (like Youtube, Veoh, MyVideo, ...) with credits of course and tell people who uploaded Utopia Scanlations without credits to credit please, or you can just do some advertising for Utopia (tell friends about the website, mention that we exist on forums, and so on).
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Q: Can you draw a (fandom here) doujinshi?
A: Please don't get the wrong idea. This is a scanlation web site, which means that the doujinshi you see are bought in a store or online.
Our purpose is to share translations for them. Once you know what the story is about and you like it, I highly recommend you to buy a copy when given the chance.
This way you can support the doujinka who drew the doujinshi.
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Q: Where can I buy doujinshi?
If you're from Japan it's easier to buy a certain doujinshi you want. I'll list a few possibilities for you.

If you are staying at Japan or if you live there you may want to go to:
* Circle website: Many circles offer their doujinshi directly on their website, however, they don't ship worldwide so you have to live in Japan in order to buy a doujinshi from a circle directly.
* Yahoo Auctions: You can get almost every doujinshi there (even really rare ones) and for a pretty good price, too, but you need to speak Japanese. Also not every seller ships worldwide!
* Events like Comiket or Comic City
* Shops like Mandarake (they also ship worldwide if you have a credit card), K-Books, KAC Shop, Animate, or Tora no Ana.

If you don't live in Japan you may want to go to:
* Ebay: I know it's expensive but still it has many doujinshi.
* jpqueen: You can find many doujinshi there. ^^
* Livejournal Communities like Garage Sale Japan, Doujin Market, or Doujin Trade

Please always check the payment methods a shop or seller accepts.
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