Pairing : SasuxNaru 
 Pages : 20 
 Genre : Yaoi 
 Rating : R-18 
 Doujinka : Yoshino Miri & Rikka 
 Circle : Getsu Sekka (B Plus & Yuki no Hana) 
 Scanner : Chrysama 
 Cleaner : Yuuko Uchiha 
 Translator : Meian 
 Editor : Meian 
 Proofreader : Elegentmess 

Sasuke is part of the student council but the term is about to end, thus there will also be a new student council soon - but it's Naruto who pains this fact. The poor blond feels rather lonely by the idea of new people coming in the room where he and Sasuke always meet. What will his friend do to take away this loneliness?


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