Please read these rules carefully if you want to join. These rules also apply to existing members. I set them up to ensure regular updates. Thus I really want to ask everyone of you to read them carefully.


Although there are no deadlines at Utopia, I want to ask you that once I've assigned you a job to keep me up-to-date. That's why I want to ask to send me an e-mail 7 days after I've sent you a doujinshi and/or translation, telling me about the progress you've made so far.
If I haven't received any reply from you after 14 days, I'll assign the mission to someone else.

Sharing Doujinshi

I don't mind people sharing scanlated doujinshi as long as they credit.
I've seen so many people sharing scanlated doujinshi without crediting, or worse: even removing the credits.
I can't tell you how much I hate this. Don't share doujinshi on forums, streaming websites like Youtube, or even your own blog, website, journal, ... without crediting!
If you see anyone who doesn't credit, please report them.

Selling Doujinshi

Selling scanlated doujinshi is a no-go!
I'm translating doujinshi for people who want to know about a doujinshi's plot and if they like the story, I want them to buy the original doujinshi to support the artist. Don't forget, it's the artist we're worshipping! Without them, there wouldn't be any doujinshi at all.
So not only betray those people who sell scanlated doujinshi the buyer, but also the artist.
Besides, there's no better feeling than holding an original doujinshi in your hand. =D


Every applicant has to do a test before I can accept him as a new member to ensure a high quality. If you want to apply for being a scanner, please send me an example of a page you've scanned from a random doujinshi (I prefer scans that have at least 1200 pixel width and a proportional height, greyscale would be appreciated but it's not necessary, and they mustn't be too blurry).

If you want to apply for being a cleaner, I'd like to ask you to send me a cleaned version of this page with your application.
The cleaned version should be black & white and less blurried (if you can, it'd be even better if it wasn't blurried at all, of course). The whole text has to be removed (including the sound words).

If you want to apply for being an editor, I'd like to ask you to use the following standards:

• Please use "Anime Ace" as font face for the things they say and think.
You can find it here if you don't have it yet.
• Please use different fonts for the Sound Words so people can tell what's a sound word and what's not because I don't like sound words like *PUSH* very much. So just use a different font and no **.
• The text should be centered.
• If you're using Adobe Photoshop the text should be set to "strong".
• The translator's note (short T/N) isn't always supposed to be added. If you're unsure what to add, just leave it blank.
• Translator's notes are supposed to be written like this: blahblahblah
Okay, the blahblahblah part should be replaced with the original translator's note. ^^"
• Notes on Sound Words are supposed to be written like this: "Pyuu"; fast, erratic movement
If you don't know the romanised sound word, you can also just write the meaning. ^^

You'll be given a .doc file with the translation and the doujinshi of course.

If you want to apply for being a proofreader, I suggest you have a good command of English. You'll either be given a .doc file or an already edited doujinshi. Please pay attention to your grammar, it should be correct. You may, however, feel free to rephrase things that are unclear or if there's a more common way to phrase them.

Last but not least: If you want to apply for being a translator, please send me your translation of this page in a .doc file, containing the following information: Page, Panel, Character, Original Text, and Translated Text, with your application. Please translate the sound words as well.

Using the memberbase

As of 2017, the memberbase is the place where all members are given their missions at. It's hosted by Producteev and features various functions you find will come in handy when working on a mission, such as comments on certain tasks, a calender to see when a mission report is due to, or the possibility to upload a finished mission.
So how does it work?

After you've successfully submitted your joining request here and I approved it, you'll receive an invitation to join our group at Producteev (by Jive). Please make sure to check your spam mail folder as well, since it may happen it's going there. The e-mail contains a link which you'd follow. It leads you to a sign up form where you choose your username and password (if possible, please choose the same username you use on the team - it's easier for me to figure out who you are).
You're then already part of the memberbase.
How to...

• Log in: You can find the login here.
• Change the password: After you're logged it, click on your name and select Settings and, regarding the left sidebar, click Change Password then.
• See assigned missions: After you log in, you'll see a list of people at the left upper side of the memberbase. By clicking on your name, you'll see all missions assigned to you. You'll also receive an e-mail, and in case you'd like to install the app, a notification on your phone once a mission has been assigned to you or has been edited.
• Update a mission's progress: By clicking on your project a small window will open up, containing information on it like assignees, due date, followers and subtasks. Some missions get subtasks which can be marked as completed by clicking on the circle left next to it. To keep me up to date and inform me on your progress, please use the comment function. When you're assigned a mission, you'll find a similar circle next to the mission's title at the detail window. By clicking on it, you'll get to choose beween Active, In Progress, Paused, and Completed. Please note that the due date has to be removed before successfully marking a project as complete. This can be done by clicking on the due date and selecting Remove at the lower left corner.
• Add comments: By clicking on the project you'll get to see the details on it. Also, there you'll see a text field designed for you to leave comments. Type whatever you want to tell me and click Post. This is also the place where you can attach files.
• Upload a finished mission: At the project's detail page, click in the text field where you can leave comments. Below it says Attach files. By clicking on that, you get to choose the source of the file (be it Dropbox, Box, or your Computer). Please note that files mustn't be larger than 15 MB. If the file is bigger than that, either split the files (7zip users may refer to this tutorial here, Winrar users may find this helpful). Once the upload is completed, click Post... or upload them to a host of your choice (MediaFire, for example) and send me the link with the comments section.
• Log off: Easy. Click on your name at the top right corner and select Logout.

Since as you see it's really important, I suggest you frequently also check your e-mail's junk folder to make sure you don't miss any notification.

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