The loveley people who brought you all these scanlations. ♥

 Name: Meian
 Job: Admin, Cleaner, Editor, Maintainer, Scanner, Translator, ...
 (you get the point, I'm the gofer here ^^;;).
 E-mail: kleine6kaetzchen ★ gmx . de 
 Number: 01
 Profile: Here
 Name: Jennifer Ishida
 Job: Proofreader.
 E-mail: jennifer.ishida ★ gmail . com 
 Number: 02
 Name: Tsuki No Youkai
 Job: Cleaner.
 E-mail: marismile88 ★ yahoo . com . mx 
 Number: 03
 Profile: Here
 Name: Takiko
 Job: Cleaner.
 E-mail: Hidden 
 Number: 04
 Name: Kage
 Job: Proofreader.
 E-mail: kradarua ★ gmail . com 
 Number: 05
 Name: Domi
 Job: Editor, Proofreader.
 E-mail: bloodline_limit_uchiha_sasuke ★ yahoo . com 
 Number: 06
 Name: Mugen
 Job: Cleaner, Editor.
 E-mail: Hidden 
 Number: 07
 Name: Nanami
 Job: Translator.
 E-mail: Hidden 
 Number: 08
 Name: vernajast
 Job: Cleaner, Editor, Proofreader.
 E-mail: vernajast ★ gmail . com 
 Number: 09
 Name: rizeh
 Job: Cleaner, Editor.
 E-mail: rizeh . ah ★ gmail . com 
 Number: 10

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